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FAQ’s Portable Appliance Testing

A light hearted, slightly frivolous but easy to read version for those of you who have a better things to do

  • Do I have to do PAT testing?
  • basically yes, unless you like prison or hospital food
  • What needs testing?
  • basically everything electrical plugged into the wall
  • Why do I need PAT testing?
  • to keep the doctor and HSE away and it makes your insurance company happy
  • How is the testing done?
  • why worry, get an expert to do it, just make sure they’re qualified or go you back to Q1, do not pass go etc etc
  • Will the testers get in the way?
  • a bit, but they’re not around long, it takes longer to switch  the PC back on again than the test takes
  • How often do I need to test?
  • you expect a simple answer from Government? It differs by industry and equipment, most people have it done annually
  • What do I do with the test results?
  • keep them in a file and hope you don’t need them again, if any item fails and we can’t fix it, we’ll tell you
  • How much does it cost?
  • nowhere near as much as the fine if you’re caught without it, the cost depends on the number of appliances call for a quote
  • Why do you call it PAT testing?
  • because everyone else does  (Portable Appliance Testing testing!)
  • Need more info?
  • read the detailed pages or give us a call